Harmonic Music Forever

A musical saga of human Evolution, and search for the rhythms of Life. Mix a  synthesiser with harmonium, crystal and Tibetan bowls,  mini saxophone, vocals and effects. Add inner space, a dash of mystery and you’lll have a cosmic ode to eternity on which to hum along for a drug-free ecstatic insight.

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CD and Digital:

  1. Eternalia 15:21, Illustrative musical saga of human evolution and search for the rhythms of Life

  2. Harmonics of Light, 5:35, Mix a harmonium with crystal bowls, synthesiser and effects. Add space…

  3. Encounter Loop, 3:18, Inner Space remains a mystery: I did not know I would meet you there!

  4.  Astral Contact, 15:03, A cosmic music ode to eternity – try long notes humming along …

Ariel Kalma: composition, recording.
Remastered with the technical knowledge of Kamal Engel @ Art of Audio, Byron Bay.
Itamar Faitlowicz: cover art

© ℗ 2017 – All rights reserved Ariel Kalma  ♪ ♥ ♫