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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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Chillout India

Ariel Kalma is ably supported by some of his friends, including Bhakta, and Efen Jaenudin, however the one that really stands out is Siddhant Bhatia. His singing is so hypnotic and reminds me of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

This record is of a very high standard on so many levels. Ariel's woodwind and production skills are of a musician who KNOWS his art and loves it!! The overall production is beautifully crafted, the grooves are very good without repetition rearing it's ugly head.

My favorites are "Deva Dancing", "Chillout India" and the beautiful "Hardi Ari". I cannot get sick of this track!! Like all music of substance one has to listen a number of times before you "get it".

"Chillout India" fits this attention level.. and then some!

- Paul Headon, Emanations/ Sirius FM Music, Australia


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Chillout India

Eastern Moods on Ambient Grooves
Elevating melodies and intricate rhythms are weaved by masterful Indian vocals, bamboo flutes, smooth saxophones, inspiring keyboards, and more. The producer of the renowned Music Mosaic compilations, Ariel Kalma, is accompanied by friends from various countries to compose exquisite atmospheres for yoga, flowing dances, mellow driving and endless listening pleasure.

Ariel Kalma has been inspired by Indian music since a dhrupad concert of the senior Dagar Brothers in Paris, 1973. Ariel never forgot his Western roots nor his saxophone and silver flute, but his inspiration was forever transformed by modal music. This album took a long time to mature from musical ideas that Ariel composed along the years. Some tracks were just sketches on notebooks or cassettes. Others were recorded on separate tracks in different countries until 2008 when Ariel mixed them to create this final version.

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Chillout India - Ariel Kalma



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Track 2 is dedicated to
- Mukur & Kumar Ghandarva who opened my ears to Indian music subtleties a long time ago...
- Margot Anand and her ‘inner flute’

Track 6 is dedicated to Shalil Shankar who welcomed me in his heart and music a long time ago...

Track1: Hindinasia
Track 3: Chillout India
Or watch on YouTube
Or watch on YouTube


1. Hindinasia
Ambient Indonesian flute and Indian classical vocals chill on a groovy downtempo modern world accompaniment.

2. Deva Dancing
Groovy downtempo combo, birds and tribal percussions weave around a sweet bamboo flute dreaming about a dancing goddess...

3. Delhi Delight
Vocals and groove slow swing to welcome a tenor sax...

4. Chillout India
Get in the groove and chill on Indian vocals and bass accompanied by ambient sounds.

5. Sarega Sax
Playful calls between a tenor sax and Indian vocals on a groovey background - also enjoy the tambourine solo.

6. Hardi Ari
A flute and hurdy-gurdy travel through the plains and a tabla rhythm their song.

7. Kalavati Blue
Meditative music with santur, the 100 stringed instrument accompanied by guitar, saxophones, and floating vocals.

8. Echoes of Maluku
An Indonesian flute plays in echoes.

9. New Delhi Dreams
Relaxing ballad with a bluesy flavor from the river Ganges.


Ariel Kalma & Friends:

Ariel Kalma: keyboards, saxophones, flutes, grooves, programming, all compositions.
Siddhant Bhatia : vocals, kanjira tamburine on 5
Bhakta : grooves, pads and loops on 1,4, 6
Efen Jaenudin : Indonesian flute on 1, 8
Barb Dwyer : hurdy-gurdy (vièlle à roue) on 6
Nanda de Vilder : tablas on 6
Stefen Be : percussion on 1, 3, 5, 9