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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

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Interfrequence LP
- Ariel Kalma is a Frenchman who started out playing reeds in jazz bands, discovered electronics and New Age spirituality, and current lives in a comfy pad in the Australian countryside where he hangs with visiting admirers. His late 70s/early 80s recordings justify revisiting because they are transitional; his brown rice multi-culti jazz, nature recordings and inescapably gritty analog synths had not yet been transmuted into blinding, early digital-era gloss.

Kalma could go long, but here he isolates his ideas into 18 pithy tracks that isolate discrete textural elements and rhythmic ideas. Abbreviation works in their favor; each third-eye drone, prayerful swoon or percolating beat makes its point, perhaps inducing a moment of reverie, but none make you look at your watch.surrounds the listener with the mystical world of sound, silence and deep relaxation.

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Moving tracks for an imaginary movie

Keyboard, synthesiser, organ, flutes, saxophones, harmonium, horns, clarinet, sound effects.

Originally conceived for film and TV in 1980, theses pieces grew in popularity as time passed... maybe because of their rare appearances? Remastered in 2015, Interfrequence has now a new life. May those pieces inspire The Dreaming.

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After the exploit of Osmose in 1978, Kalma returns into the studio in 1980 with Interfrequence, an ambient space library record. Interfrequence is a continuation of his personal research based on the combination of electronic machines with natural sounds and acoustic instrumentation. The French musician fully wears the robe of master of ceremonies of the synths.

However, the path taken is not that symphonic of the minimalist and galactic suites composed by other standard bearers like Richard Pinas and Klaus Schulze. Here, we find 18 short pictures sound (few of them in collaboration of M. Saclays) that emanate a variety of ideas and ethno-cultural influences unparalleled. A distinctive compositional style always returns an crescendo of ecstatic emotions, a reflection on the hidden and secret aspects of the micro and macro cosmos.

If in Osmose the sampling sound from the mother Gaia was more explicit, here the Nature is investigated not only in terms of pure tones, but especially in the dynamics of flows and movements dictated by the frequency of moogs and organs and embellished with hyper-space flutes, saxophones and clarinets. Kalma wrote yet another chapter of his personal saga of a new world of sound imagery.

Track 5: Danse Soeur

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Interfrequence by Ariel Kalma

1. Generus - 2:08

2. Casiopee - 2:15

3. Oasis - 2:28

4. Retour d'Elle - 2:42

5. Dance Soeur - 5:07

6. Promenade - 4:07

7. Round You Go - 3:16

8. Merry Forest - 4:26

9. Barimpa - 2:25

10. Gaite Blue - 1:16

11. Vers Gaite - 2:07

12. Rep Voc - 3:22

13. Zdunska Vola - 2:50

14. Trompe Vie - 1:24

15. Chinassou - 1:20

16. Ba-Tu-Kalma - 1:20

17. Interfrequence - 5:16

18. Source Fraiche - 3:50

All tracks composed by Ariel Kalma except: A7, B2, B3, B4 composed by Ariel Kalma/M. Saclays.
This is a (very) remastered version of the 1980 LP released by Editions Montparnasse 2000.
Cover art by Bertrand Eberhard

Review by Mikey Iq Jones (

Originally released in 1980 on esteemed French label Editions Montparnasse 2000, this impossibly rare album by spiritual synthesist Ariel Kalma offers a star-gazing departure from the more earth-bound meditation music documented on RVNG’s excellent 2014 anthology An Evolutionary Music. Picking up chronologically where that collection left off, Interfrequence focuses on brief miniatures – predominantly two to three-minute tracks that play like space-age tone poems, concise studies for electric organ, synthesizer, primitive drum machines, and various flutes and reeds.

The pocket ragas go down easily, and like much of the Editions Montparnasse catalogue, this beautiful album – given a fresh set of wings by the Black Sweat label, which has been responsible for many recent Kalma reissues – is a crash course in this brilliant man’s sound, broken down into easily digestible portions.