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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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A delightfful review of Rue de la Gaite
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Rue De La Gaite 70s

Morocco - Indian - Jazz

Ariel Kalma: "I was always curious. I learned how to record. I travelled to many countries and met gifted musicians playing a variety of instruments. After learning how to ‘go inside’, I heard strange sound effects and silences in my head… that meant lots of recordings! I kept copies in various formats and digitalised it all."

"This album was recorded at Rue de la Gaite, between 1976-1979 in Paris where I lived. At that time, Brahim el Belkani from Marrakesh camped in my living room/recording studio and often played music Morrocan G’nawa style mixed with Indian style and jazzy improvisations. Loy Ehrlich was one of the participating musicians, and we recorded several sessions with other visiting friends I had met while traveling."

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Rue de la Gaite 70s

CD and Digital:

  1. Rue de la Gaite, 6:45 (1979) Babu : tablas, Loy Ehrlich : Farfisa Professional keyboard, Ariel Kalma : saxophone

  2. Ravajaman, 4 :45 (1981) Nand Kishor : tablas, Ariel Kalma : saxophone

  3. Salam Paix Peace, 4 :57 (1976) Loy Ehrlich: hajouj bass, Ariel Kalma: saz, vocals, saxophone, gong, sound effects

  4. Harmony Om, 4 :41 ((1978) Ariel Kalma: electric guitar, pedal harmonium, harmonic voice, ocean waves, effects

  5. Montparnasse Morocco, 4:13 (1976) (Not on LP) Brahim el Belkani: djonkoloni hajouj bass, vocals, Loy Ehrlich: pedal harmonium, Ariel Kalma: percussion, qraqeb cymbals, harmonic vocals, sound effects

  6. Sand And Wind, 21:43 (1976) Brahim el Belkani: djonkoloni hajouj bass vocals, Loy Ehrlich: tablas – Ariel Kalma: flute, pedal harmonium, delay, sound effects

Bonus track:  

Montparnasse Morocco: 4:13 (1976)
Brahim el Belkani: djonkoloni hajouj bass, vocals, Loy Ehrlich: pedal harmonium, Ariel Kalma: percussion, qraqeb cymbals, harmonic vocals, sound effects

Ariel Kalma: Artwork, composition, recording, mastering,
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The French experimental musician and composer Ariel Kalma, has recently published several works that retrace his past experiences in a period of musical and spiritual training that has given us both farsighted and pioneering experiments......

"Rue De La Gaité 70's", shows us a young artist who after frequent trips to India, (the first one in 1972) and the acquisition of techniques such as circular breathing, found a strong communicative and spiritual message in music. These aspects, together with the influence of: Jazz, Minimalism, World Music, but also and above all of the experience as a technician at the Institut National Audiovisuel, Groupe De Recherches Musicales (INA GRM) by Pierre Henry, gave his approach to the instrument and to sound, a very personal character, able to blend attitudes and modalities that are only apparently conflicting. For more than forty years, music has represented for Kalma something universal, able to blend harmoniously with what surrounds us. This "Rue De La Gaité 70's" is another curious document of the important work of the talented musician, of which we will soon return to speak. 

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