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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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Osmose 2

...a breath of fresh air....
Another breath of fresh air in a rainforest, where Ariel Kalma’s music seem to be born out of the ambient sounds of birds, insects, near a brook, at night with mysterious creatures or during the day with toucan birds...

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Osmose 2 - Ariel Kalma


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30 years after the release of his first OSMOSE (the album still enchant), Ariel offers again the magic of his music skilfully mixed with nature. OSMOSE 2 includes older recording and modern new pieces in a seamless refreshing journey.

- Ariel Kalma: flutes, keyboards, grand harmonium, bamboo sax, synthesiser, percussion, guitar, sound effects, mixing.
- Gaiia, Mother nature: rainforest sounds, birds, crickets, frogs, insects, rain, storm, brook, ocean, wind.


Track 6: Rainforest Mystery Or watch on YouTube

1. La Guitare et la Mer
I was inspired by the bird-call at the beginning of the song. Sitting quietly, playing my guitar with the waves of the ocean. Original track recorded in 1979 at the GRM Studio in Paris with the first digital reverb/delay, an Eventide costing 2 fortunes!

2. Birds Groove
My house in the hills over the Byron Bay region attracted many birds and some magpies sung this amazing melody with such a rhythm, I recorded them and played my jazzy laidback human version of their song with a tuned drum groove and effects.

3. Voyage au dessus des Terres
War drums of Borneo's aborigines in the forest, digitally filtered and mixed with my own drum and a sound environment originally recorded for a concert at the Paris Planetarium in 1976.

4. Water Echoes
As I sat near the small brook (which I recorded), and attentively listened to the bubbling water, I heard many musical notes. I then played on top of the recording in the studio. well, I got a bit lost in the bubbles.

5. Bamboo Birds
An ambient track of ocean sounds, rainforest birds, a chant mixed with a Japanese-Zen-inspired synthesiser and an Indonesian bamboo wind chime.

6. Rainforest Mystery
Toucan birds are calling into the mystery of deep jungle sounds. The weather is brewing heavy with tension, some rain starts to fall, barely cooling the tropical heat.

7. Gentle Rain
Rain falls onto the hot forest at night. Crickets and birds joyously welcome the appeasement and a melody is born out of all those sounds.

8. Stormy Forest
Finally the relief of a storm and strong rain bursting onto the forest, like an anthem to nature, glorious, untamed, and unpredictable.

9. Birds Groove 2
The joyous raucous sounds of the forest after a storm. A bamboo sax follows the twittering birds. Life takes its rhythm again, dancing with us.

10. Shanti Forest
Full moon at St Julien du Saut, a medium sized church in France. Night birds and crickets weave their song into the night. Ariel has set up his recording equipment and records voice and flute over the echoing drones of the grand harmonium.

11. Harmony of Light
In the forest, sunrays playing with the trees create a magnificent ever-changing scene. Ariel explores the harmonics of sound to accompany the play of light.

12. Tender Soul
An easy going flute and a sweet melody play on the beach with birds tweeting around. relaxing.