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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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My sax, my love

Tender, soothing, touching
A 2006 remake of the 1995 CD 'Gourmet Sax', remastered, with additional bonus tracks.

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My Sax, My Love - Ariel Kalma


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Smooth sensual soulful saxophones - easy-listening-blues-jazz with tablas (Daniel Paul), keyboards (Ariel Kalma, Joel Goldfarb), percussion (Stephen Be), bass (Kamal M. Engels), vocals (Johnathan Eden).

Music originale de tendre saxophones, avec des arrangements sensuels de relax-blues-jazz accompagne de tablas (Daniel Paul), claviers (A.Kalma, J. Goldfarb), percussion (Stephen Be), basse (Kamal M. Engels), voix (Johnathan Eden).


Track descriptions in English and French.

1. Blue Joy
- Based on the Blues, the light and the playful one, the joyous one . a twist in the middle part.
- Basé sur le Blues, le profond, le lutin, le joyeux. ca change vers le milieu, guimbarde surprise.

2. Dancing Goddess
- When she dances, my heart beats faster, slowly lighting my love, my fire, my passion. Ariel met this young, shy trombone player at a jazz café and brought him in his studio to record a track on this slowly changing tempo.
- Lorsquelle dance, mon coeur bat plus vite, allumant lentement mon amour, mon feu, ma passion. Ariel rencontra ce jeune, timide joueur de trombone lors dune jazz-café jam session. Il linvita dans son studio pour enregistrer une piste sur ce subtil changement de tempo. pas si timide.

3. Dance With Me
- Come, dance with me, oh yes.
- Viens, dance avec moi, oh oui.

4. You Can Be You
- Yes, you can be yourself... instrumental version of a song. 
- Tu peux être celui. version instrumentale d'une chanson.

5. A Calling Heart
- I see your love is everywhere - instrumental version of a song.
- Partout je vois ton amour version instrumentale d'une chanson.

6. Gourmet Sax
- Be my lover tonight sweet longing, melting into bliss. timeless.
- Oui, ce soir, mon amour tendre attirance, fusion-ecstase. hors du temps.

7. Paris Flight
- In the middle of the night, Paris has a quietness where dreams float, inspiring.
- Au milieu de la nuit, Paris est un calme rêve, flottant, inspirant.

8. Solitaire
- The sweet sounds of a tenor saxophone singing solitaire
- Le saxophone tenor à des sons doux, chantant solitaire.

9. Nightflight
- Take off, travel and see the world in musical landscapes. 
- Envoles toi, voyage, et vois le monde en paysages musicaux.

10. City Delight
- A friend had this Casio CT keyboard and asked Ariel to check it out. Ariel programmed this song and wrote sax lines for it. Do try this at home! 
- Un ami avait un clavier Casio CT et demanda à Ariel de l'essayer ; il programma ce morceau et bâtit des lignes de sax. A faire absolument !

11. Maui Blue
- On a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ariel and his bluesy friend Vingo are jamming playfully, a friendly dialog of stereo guitar, sax and a touch of effects. peaches and cream.
- Dimanche après-midi, sans-souci.. Ariel et Vingo, son ami bluesy font une jam joueuse, un dialogue complice de guitar stéréo, du sax et une pointe deffets. le sorbet des iles.