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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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Galactica Electronica

Just purchased your Galactica Electronica album. Just wanted to say: I love it! Great sense of space and almost ambient in nature, this album. At times it reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre in his Oxygene days. I must say I am very impressed with this album, certainly not just another new age adventure, but a quite subtle and very spacey album. 

- by Kristian Noer

I soared into Celestial Realms listening to Angel Mine. Mermaids of Mira inspired a wave of creative ideas, the Flight of Alshain, a deep contemplation of my life's plan. This album is MAGIC!!!! A masterpiece that must find its way into every heart and home!

- by Aurora Juliana

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Galactica Electronica

Relaxing Timeless Journey into Inner Space
Lift-off from daily life, gravity and problems, for a galactic escape above earth and beyond. An immersing trancey environment and meditation for space-time travellers. From the remastered archives of Ariel's 'Space Music' period during the 80's.

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Galactica Electronica - Ariel Kalma


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Mixing electronica, synthesiser, keboards, sound effect, nature live recordings, vocals, delays, Ariel Kalma creates timeless environments for deep relaxation, dreaming, shaman journeys, or simply enjoyment! Because this music induces an hypnotic trance, please do not listen while driving, working on demanding tasks or trying to focus... you will probably space out and find yourself in dreamland.

Track1: Voyage Au Dessus Des Terres
Track 3: Mermaids of Mira
Or watch on YouTube
Or watch on YouTube

1. Voyage Au Dessus Des Terres
- When we leave earth behind, its chatter follows us for a while before fading away.
- Lorsque nous quittons la terre, ses bruits resonnent encore avant de se fondre dans l'arriere plan.
(lift-off recording background thanks to NASA)

2. Galactica Electronica 1
Recorded live during a private concert, 1984. with a Wasp synth, Casio CT keyboard, and electronics…  no overdubs... (hello Terra and Terry)

3. Mermaids of Mira
- They sing behind this red giant star in the Cetus constellation, 400 light years away ... let’s visit!
- Elles chantent pres de cette geante rouge de la constellation Cetus a 400 annees lumieres… on visite?

4. Angel Mine
- Ariel was inspired by a subtle presence during the recording of a guided meditation.
- Ariel fut inspire par une presence subtile durant l’enregistrement d’une meditation guidee.

5. Deep Space
- What is empty space made of? How does it sound like? Ariel went inside to find out and this music came out..
- De quoi est fait le vide intergalactique? Quelles musiques peut il generer? En ecoutant a l’interieur voici ce qu’Ariel a entendu.

6. The Flight of Alshain
- Far away lies a star in the constellation Aquila and located near Altair and 44.7 light-years away from earth… let’s go visit?
- Alshain se trouve a 44.7 annees lumieres dans la constellation Aquila et pres de l’etoile Altair. On visite?

7. Omega Centauri
- Riding on cosmic winds is a melody born from nowhere and disappearing into nothingness…
- Chevauchant les vents cosmiques, une melodie nee de nulle part disparait dans le neant.

8. Galactica Electronica 2
- Remixed from version 1, this track summarises the journey to the stars in a “frequency bath” immersion.
- Remixage de la version 1, ceci fait une synthese du voyage imaginaire vers les etoiles dans une immersion de frequences.