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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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Mainly Mental

Infectious Experimental

Mixing nature with keyboards, percussion loops, mini sax, flutes, digital effects, Musing Ariel presents Hypnotic tracks that do not fit elsewhere. From Acid Jazz to toddler babble.

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  1. Esper Mint, 9:15 - Middle-earth melody and a mystery developing rhythm looping heartbeat

  2. Delire Anigongmo, 6:44 - GRM mix of electro-acoustic delirium, krumar organ, Borneo war drums and echo flutes.

  3. TOTO LOLO, 5:02 - looped effects on a toddler unintelligible babble voice and a droned 15 beat rhythm

  4. Eco Sanza, 2:59 - African thumb piano and long tape delays create interesting polyrhythms

  5. Wrong Right, 2:23 - Two Rights Make a Wrong but he had to be right till his end.

  6. Route Du Plaisir, 5:01 - Birds, Thomas Organ and effects create this developing piece.

  7. Pilliers de Verre, 13:35 - Experimental musical unfulfilled expectation of a theme

Mixed and mastered by Ariel Kalma, 2020


Wrong Right  by Ariel Kalma

He had to be right, not to feel at a dead end
So was stuck being right till the end
Then he was dead right

He thought being right would open the gates
Of Heaven
“No, no, St Peter said, too rights makes wrong, go to hell”!
And then he was damned right!



Review by Sergio Zenteno Medel - CriticOso (translated from Spanish) - Sep 2020


Born in Paris, France today I bring you Ariel Kalma, composer of experimental music.
Ariel, has a very extensive discography, only this year 2020 has released 5 albums, so I just randomly chose one of them, which is called "Mainly Mental" and let me tell you that it is all an astral travel, spiritual and spatial.

Ariel is a very experienced Multi-instrumentalist and throughout this material he uses a great variety of them, such as flutes, keyboard, organ, mbira, African percussions, among many other resources, such as what seemed to me to be the sound of crushing a can, what seems to be static, bird songs, unintelligible voices, accompanies all this with numerous loops and echoes throughout the entire album, in addition to trying a lot with dissonances, "Mainly Mental" fits perfectly in the definition of what is considered "avant-grade".

Open your mind if you plan to give it a try, which I highly recommend, this material transmits many things and takes your mind to different facets, from delirium to a trip through the cosmos, that of course. Everyone can be different, apparently for this French composer his influences are everything he looks, hears and feels around him, and his music is quite an experience and from what he can find he is also dedicated to music, performing arts.

Believe me, I'm going to look for your work and continue listening to this highly experienced author. Despite the fact that each track caught me in some way, the one that made it a bit above the others, that is to say my favorite song was "Delire Anigongmo", get some good headphones, take a seat and get ready to fly.