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Ariel Kalma is the kind of musician that collectors live their lives to find at the bottom of a dollar record bin, and the kind who fellow musicians hope to become. He is a composer who worked on the periphery of a fringe movement, whose early adherents have recently seen an explosion in popularity...

- Vivian Hua,

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Flute for the Soul

Delicate sounds and rhythms
Silver flutes, recorders, percussion, synthesiser and keyboards intertwine 
with simple harmonies inspired by cultures around the world. 

Composed and recorded in 1995 on the laidback tropical island of Maui, Hawaii. 
Some tracks of this re-release have been remastered, some left as they were. 
The track order is almost the same... enjoy! 

Memories of the ages,
woven in changing harmonies;
Life has many cycles,
joy and melancholy;
Life has many voices
join with your melody;
Life beyond you and me:
Dream with infinity.

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Flute for the Soul (Remastered Re-edition) - Ariel Kalma


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Track 7: Circles of Life Or watch on YouTube

1. Free Birds, Empty Sky
Two recorders flying in joyous harmony. Their high pitch reminds us to keep joy alive.

2. Te Quiero Mucho
Recorders and combo - echoes of joyful celebrations in the Andes where the heart meets the ancient rhythms of life.

3. Lost Paradise
Alto, soprano and sopranino recorders have three voices. Our heart beats in time with infinity. Find the way back to Eden.

4. Flute for the Soul
Deep inside us we long to go back to Source. Here is a musical hymn to accompany our journey.

5. Dreaming on Red Square
Mellow reminiscent piece inspired by the longing of the deep Russian spirit in search of inner freedom.

6. Minoa's Dance
Mediterranean dance, a tribute to Pan. played with two recorders at the same time and accompanied by joyous percussion.

7. Circles of Life
Composition based on cycles blending with each others, alternating between lightness and shadows. as life.

8. Peaceful Ocean
A silver flute and a family of dolphins play amongst the waves... sunshine.

9. Echoes of the Mountains
Vibrant bamboo flute - when emotions are quietened, when music becomes silence, vastness....ZEN

10. Tender Loving You
Bamboo sax, soprano sax - soft and strong, but steady, I love you tenderly - a timeless melody.